The aim of the project is to provide a system for monitoring the health and driving conditions of an individual who is driving a vehicle in order to prevent critical conditions that could compromise his own safety and that of other road users.
The solution will ensure continuous monitoring of the driver’s health and attention conditions at the same time as monitoring driving performance in the road and traffic context in which the vehicle is located. The aforementioned monitoring will make it possible to predict dangerous situations and report them:
  • to the driverIn these contexts, comparative to recent available solutions, the main benefits introduced by the adoption of the solution are greater safety for the individual and greater reliability of the provided service as well as a decrease in the social costs associated with the management of workers suffering from d
  • of the vehicle
  • to vehicles and the surrounding network infrastructure
  • to a control center


The main benefits introduced by the solution are:
  1. Possibility of operational reintegration of individuals suffering from pathologies;
  2. Provide drivers with a greater guarantee of safety at work;
  3. Provide companies with tools to define optimal work cycles and to safeguard the health of the worker;
  4. Provide a highly reliable service to transport / service companies
  5. Give the elements to the companies to negotiate more favorable conditions with the insurance companies.

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