The project uses the following main technologies:
  1. On-board communication of the vehicle in both wired and wireless mode.
  2. Sensors for the detection of vital biometric parameters.
  3. On-board sensors for the detection of the dynamic parameters of the vehicle in motion and for monitoring the road environment;
  4. Inter-vehicular communication between vehicle and road infrastructure through Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC).
  5. Artificial Intelligence techniques for the correlation of the information detected on the patient with the information relating to the vehicle movement dynamics in relation to the current travel conditions of the road and 5G technology.

The system will use both devices for monitoring: the already tested and certified biometric parameters, on board integration system of the vehicles and IoT-type systems for the acquisition of externally detected data. The system to be implemented will ensure continuous control of the driver’s health and attention conditions together at the same time as result of driving performance monitoring on the road and traffic context in which the vehicle is located. This monitoring will make it possible to predict dangerous situation.

The system will integrate certified devices for monitoring biometric parameters with systems for detecting the dynamic parameters of the vehicle in motion with systems for acquiring data detected from the road context.