Devices used

For effective results, which allow the collection of sufficient data to ensure greater driving safety and an optimal state of health of the driver, Safe Demon makes use of innovative IT tools:

Vehicle dynamic data detection systems

The dynamic data of the vehicle is fundamental quantities in order to create an intelligent system for the identification of driving behavior. The prototype subsystem, created for the acquisition of the dynamic parameters of the vehicle, is composed of two units that are responsible for detecting in real time the vehicle data of interest for the project
The vehicle unit 1 acquires data from the vehicle through the OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics) interface. The data transferred through this interface follow standards, but cannot be directly used by personal computers or smart devices.
For this reason, a pre-programmed ELM327 PIC18F2480 microcontroller reads messages from the vehicle’s OBD-II port and translates the messages into RS232 signals, eliminating the ambiguity of understanding which protocol is used on the vehicle.
The vehicle unit 2 provides the parameters relating to the position of the vehicle. é The positioning solution uses an integrated GNSS and IMU (Inertial Measurement System) system assisted by an RTK receiver. The whole system guarantees, thanks to the integration of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Precise Point Positioning (PPP) algorithms, the necessary precision even in the absence of GNSS signal (tunnels, canyons) at a measurement frequency of 100 Hz.

Biometric data detection systems

The EEG measurement is carried out with the Neurosky device. This tool reports the wearer’s mental state in the form of algorithms including Attention and Meditation, thanks to a technology called ThinkGear. Neurosky includes the sensor in contact with the forehead, the contact and reference points located in the ear clip and the integrated chip that processes the signals received from the body surface, amplifies the biosignal and removes ambient noise and muscle movement. The eSense algorithm is then applied to the remaining signal, providing the processed values. 
The instrument used for monitoring blood pressure, heart rhythm and saturation is the Benchmark Earbud by Valencell, a wearable device designed to be applied to the ear that allows to detect biometric parameters through photoplethysmography. Module, BE5.0) consists of a sensor module, a microcontroller (MCU) and an accelerometer.
The architecture of the headset is an asymmetrical mechanical system, which can be positioned on both the left and right side of the ear.

Road context data detection systems

ADAS driver assistance technologies are now standard on all vehicles for the purpose of improving driving safety, and can also be a useful source of data.

In particular, in our project a commercial system was used ( capable of identifying horizontal (Lane Departure warning) and vertical (speed limits, …) signs, identifying vehicles that precede (forward collision warning) or the presence of any pedestrians (pedestrian warning).

Data acquisition from maps

A Hw / Sw system has been developed in SafeDemon in order to provide, in real time, information on the characteristic road elements, available on digital maps supplied by third parties (eg. HERE, OpenStreet Map, Google Map, etc.), based on the information location data received from the GNSS / INS device.